About LinguaCity


LinguaCity is a language centre which has been active on the Silesian market for almost 20 years. What is a language centre? It is a foreign language school and a translation agency in one. Every day we teach more than 30 foreign languages and provide translations, both certified and non-certified, in more than 40 languages.

Languages are our passion. We love teaching and make every effort to do it well!

Our language offer also includes outstanding courses of Polish for foreigners. We have been successfully teaching Polish since our very beginnings: we offer group, individual, corporate, and online courses. On the one hand, there are courses in general language used for daily communication, on the other, specialised courses based on specific vocabulary, and tailored in terms of subjects to the interests of our customers.


Why choose our Polish for foreigners course?



is for learning: made effective thanks to our staff of professionals with a philological educational background, qualified to teach foreigners, and with long experience in teaching.


is for innovative teaching methods: teaching with the use of the most recent textbooks, materials, and an e-learning platform. We also offer online courses as an alternative to traditional (face-to-face) courses. Our curriculum and teaching methods are supervised by a methodology specialist. On request, we also provide consultations with a speech therapist.


is for necessary quality: we know that language learning is more than just a course. For this reason we do everything to meet all the expectations of our students. We cooperate with professionals, take advantage of quality materials, teach languages at many levels of proficiency, offer tandem classes (with two teachers), and provide cultural workshops and classes outside the school. We familiarise our students not only with the Polish language, but also with Polish culture. We strive to make our teaching interesting and, above all, effective!


is for groups tailored to needs: our small groups include 5 to 8 students. We know from experience that courses provided for groups of several students give the best results. Are you afraid that you might have no opportunity to speak during the class, because there are too many people? With us, that’s not the case!


is for use of language: we know that people learn languages not for its own sake. The purpose is not to learn, but to become proficient. What matters are the practical skills that help you in your daily life, and this is why we focus on the use of language, and our courses are developed so as to enable our students to freely and adequately communicate in Polish as quickly as possible!


is for atmosphere: at our school you will feel at home – we strive to provide a friendly and fun atmosphere in the classes. Who said that learning has to be boring? We keep it professional and fun at the same time!


is for cost-efficiency: our prices match the offered quality – even though our courses are not the cheapest on the market, they are worth every bit of their price: you can be certain that we will do our best to make our course of Polish for foreigners meet your expectations in terms of contents, scope, and teaching methods.


is for individual consultations: any LinguaCity student can take advantage of consultations before or after the class, or as a brief online meeting. It is a great opportunity to ask the teacher about grammar issues, practice difficult material, or make up for missed classes.


is for the way it should be: we are fair – if you quit the course before it is completed, we will refund you for the remaining classes. We are happy to answer all your inquiries, before you decide to participate in a course.


is for Yourself: find out yourself what the intricacies of the Polish language are. With us, you will become a passionate learner of Polish!