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The essence of learning a language is overcoming the difficulties

Ian McEwan

Polish is one of the West Slavic languages. It is the official language in Poland, and a native tongue of about 44 million people worldwide. People from outside Poland often describe it as “rustling”. Anna Geislerová once remarked that Polish is one of the most beautiful languages – it is “soft, full of charming melody, rhythm, and different intonations.” Some learners find it very difficult, some – quite easy. So many people, so many opinions!

One thing is certain though – it is worth trying to learn Polish, particularly if you live or work in Poland.

As a school specialising in providing professional Polish language courses for foreigners, we look forward to showing you our offer.

The Courses tab presents the descriptions of the Polish language courses for foreigners provided by us. The tab also includes details of the courses, and their duration and start dates. Please also check the Did you know that... tab which includes school news, interesting facts about the Polish language, and information about upcoming cultural events that you may find interesting. If you are looking for practical information, take a look at Katowice – feel at home – we hope that you’ll find it useful!

What else can we do for you?

Apart from Polish, we also teach other languages – many of them are taught in English. They are the so-called “foreign by foreign” courses. To find the complete range of our courses, please see our website: www.lingua-city.com. Courses provided in English include, among others, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, and Swedish. Other languages are taught in English on an individual basis.

Did you happen to be looking for an interpreter for a meeting or need assistance in completing official documents in Polish? Do you need to have your identity card, driving licence, or diploma translated?

We are here to help! Check our additional services. As we cooperate with professional translators and interpreters, we guarantee quality, timeliness, and reliability of translation.


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