Courses for businesses


Courses for businesses

One of the highlights of our offers includes courses of Polish for companies addressed to foreigners who work in Poland. On the one hand, these are courses for employees of companies, on the other, courses for individuals, most often addressed to managers, directors, as well as dedicated VIP courses.

For all our company courses of Polish for foreigners, we are able to meet the requirements and expectations of companies: we can adjust the duration of the course, times and location of the classes, and the curriculum and subjects to the customer's preferences. Our offer for businesses includes both general language courses and specialist courses (with trade-related vocabulary, selected topics, etc.). The classes can be held at LinguaCity, at the company premises, or online.

Here is the opinion of a participant in one of our company courses. More recommendations:,says-about-us.html.

Helmut, Austria, Polish course:

Die Qualität der Trainer sowie das breite Angebot an Sprachschulungen sprechen für sich. Besonders schätze ich jedoch die hohe Flexibilität, welche auch kurzfristige Terminvereinbarungen ermöglicht.