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“Jak cię widzą, tak cię piszą”

– this is one of the most famous of Polish proverbs. It states that the way others see us equates with how they think and speak about us. It is the first impression that matters – just the first few seconds of interaction may determine a person’s opinion of us.

Inspired by this proverb, we asked some of our course participants for their impressions of their stay in Poland, what brought them here, and finally, their opinion about learning Polish and about our courses. See the summary of our findings below.

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It is a true challenge to move to and settle in an unfamiliar country. There are many different reasons for why people choose to do this. Some are forced to leave their home country due to political reasons. This is the case of Levana, who wrote the following about her arrival to Poland: “I came to Poland last year, and I don't regret it. I found peace here, and met friendly people. In Syria, where I come from, the circumstances brought forward a political and social crisis. People changed for the worse, and you couldn’t trust anyone. Another thing I don't like about my country are its customs, which restrict freedom for action and independent thinking.” Others came to Poland to learn or work here, like Eunice from Nigeria, who intends to pursue her career in medicine: “I came to Poland to live, study, and work. I am a physician, but I need to speak Polish to be able to practise”. There is also Poonam from India, who says: “I came to Poland with my family. We moved from India to Katowice, as my husband found a job here. I am a physical therapist. I hope that I’ll also find a job in Poland that matches my profession”. Some were brought to Poland by love, like Uliana, who came here with her boyfriend, a hockey player on a Polish team.

As people from outside Poland, what do you think about our country and about Polish people? The people we asked had positive views of us, which we find very pleasing! The Poland they see and like is a safe and interesting country with beautiful landscapes. One of our course participants particularly appreciated our beautiful castles, which are plentiful! Polish people are viewed as friendly, open, and kind: “The people I met in Poland are friendly, helpful, and really empathetic” (Levana); “People in Poland are helpful and are more and more open to those who come from other countries and cultural backgrounds” (Poonam); “I enjoy everything – old houses and the friendly atmosphere in the city centre” (Wiktorina). There is still some room for improvement, however. When asked about her opinion on Poles, Poonam added: “The only thing I don't like about Polish people is their negative attitude toward their lives. When you see a neighbour and ask how he’s doing, he starts complaining about his job, wife, daily life, etc.” We promise to improve on this one!

When we meet you, we are always curious about what inspired you to learn Polish and how you find our language. This is why we included such a question in our survey. It turns out that our course participants mostly appreciate the ability to use Polish in daily life and at work: “I realize that good knowledge of Polish is a must if one wants to get a diploma and improve their skills. To achieve my goal I need to pass the exam at B2 or C1 (...). The ability to speak Polish is crucial if you want to live and “survive” in Poland – most Poles do not speak any foreign language” (Poonam); “I want to learn Polish, as it will make me understand what people on the streets and in public places are talking about. I want to live and work in Poland, so the ability to speak the language is essential to my existence and activities here” (Levana); “I hope that the Polish Course for Foreigners at LinguaCity will help me understand people, communicate with them, and keep in touch with what is happening in Poland. I also need to speak Polish to understand the TV shows” (Eunice). Some of our students shared more personal reasons: “I learned Polish to understand Polish people. One of my ancestors was a Pole, so I would like to better know Polish culture. I enjoy learning Polish a lot, and every now and then I see how Polish and Russian are similar in terms of structure and words. I find it really interesting” (Uliana). Wiktorina shares a similar view of our language: “Polish is extraordinary and wonderful – this language is so playful and full of kindness. I truly enjoy learning Polish at LinguaCity.”

The final question we asked in our survey was how our course participants feel at LinguaCity and what they think about the courses. We were really curious to hear their answers! Here they are:


I enjoy the course at LinguaCity, and I feel good after each class. Now I understand people better each time I’m outside. I'm no longer as terrified in different daily life situations as I used to be. I can also use Polish to communicate with my daughter, who started to learn Polish at the kindergarten.

I chose LinguaCity, because here I found a variety of courses that I liked. I have a three-hour group class once a week. It is all perfect. My teacher is a true professional. She is very helpful and puts her whole heart in teaching. I like the school, as the students are treated well and receive the best service. The headmaster is very nice and friendly. I value the school very much, and recommend it to everyone. I give it 5 stars.



In my opinion the Polish course at LinguaCity is carried out very well and is very useful. It enabled me to read and identify Polish letters. It is essential in order to be able to read labels on various products, or to understand the timetable at a bus stop. I was so proud when the driver of a bus I rode was saying nice things about my son, and I was able to understand almost everything.



I like everything about it (...), my groupmates, state-of-the-art textbooks, etc. We put forth a lot of effort during the classes, and make progress, all thanks to our teacher – the patient and friendly Ms. Wanda.



I enjoy the classes at LinguaCity, as they are very interesting, the atmosphere is friendly, and I like the teachers. At the course I met new, interesting people, and learned the basics of Polish. When I came to Poland, I did not understand anything at all, I was unable to communicate. Now I understand, and can communicate in daily life situations. I am also able to read and write in Polish, even though I still find it difficult.



We thank the participants for their answers in our survey and appreciate their confidence in us! We are glad that you are with us, and we hope that you will find learning at LinguaCity highly satisfying and that you will find it useful in your professional and private lives.

If you are interested in signing up for a course at our school, please contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions about our courses!


See you at LinguaCity!

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