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A dream teacher is not a fairy tale character!

What are the traits of a perfect teacher? Competence and reliability, that’s for sure. Patience is also a must. A teacher has to have a plan, a good attitude, and, of course, should be able to explain sophisticated topics – grammar ones in particular – in a clear and accessible way! A teacher must not be boring. A boring lesson is the most dreadful nightmare... after all a language course is not a punishment! It's a little bit like love – a good teacher has to have “it”. “It” makes learning a pleasure, “it” makes the taught language fascinating, “it” makes the students genuinely interested in and motivated for each class.

But do such teachers exist at all?

Here at LinguaCity we are fortunate enough to have found such teachers. Every one of them is a graduate in philology and a postgraduate in teaching foreigners. They are all experienced teachers with an outstanding track record. They apply numerous teaching methods, have different temperaments and teaching styles, and enjoy a variety of challenges. There is one characteristic they all have in common, however: a passion for work and a love for what they do!

Beata and Karolina have been with us for the longest amount of time. In fact, we have been working with Beata since the school’s inception. Apart from being a teacher, she is also a member of our methodology team and manages the form and contents of every course. Karolina joined us a bit later – she is a philologist and a speech therapist. Both share many similar traits, particularly having patience, being calm and collected, and a possessing a positive attitude. Their classes are always neatly arranged and difficult topics are explained in a clear and comprehensible way. In her leisure time Karolina enjoys reading, particularly fantasy, and playing board games. She is equally passionate about grammar. Beata exudes a genuine love for the history of art and of the region. She has even authored a few publications in this regard, e.g. on the paintings of Marzena Naliwajko.

 Karolina is a graduate in Polish Philology with a specialisation in teaching Polish as a foreign language, and a postgraduate in general speech therapy. She taught, among others, at the University of Wrocław and the Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga. She speaks English at the C1 level.


Beata is a master in Polish philology at the University of Silesia in Katowice (2007). In 2007-2008 she graduated from the Postgraduate Qualification Studies for the Teachers of Polish Culture and Polish as a Foreign Language at the University of Silesia Katowice. From 14.01.2007 to 15.06.2007 she was at Stockholm University as an exchange student within the Socrates-Erasmus exchange programme. She speaks English and German. 



Although Kasia has been with us for the shortest amount of time, she has proven to be a true fountain of energy. Boredom is not an option in her classes! Kasia, apart from being a philologist, is also a philosophy graduate. She describes herself as an avid cook and confectioner (“amateur”, as she humbly adds), as she loves experimenting with cooking. She’s often laughing and joking, and is able to relate to anyone, all while keeping a professional attitude. She is very positive about her cooperation with us: “I prefer LinguaCity for its emphasis on professionalism! For its state-of-the-art teaching methods! And for its high level!”


Kasia is master in philosophy and a bachelor in Polish philology with a specialisation in teaching. She has also completed a Postgraduate Qualification Studies for Teachers of Polish Culture and Polish as a Foreign Language course. She speaks English and Italian.        

There are two Anias at LinguaCity. The first Ania is a Ph.D. in linguistics and a dedicated didactician. She is imaginative in her teaching and is fascinated about alphabets. Apart from teaching, she is a mountain guide, an avid hitchhiker, cyclist, and a skipping rope fan. When asked about what has  influenced her decision to join LinguaCity, she instantly replies: “It’s simple – when a high level is backed by professionalism, you just can't turn it down!”


Ania is master in Polish philology and a Ph.D. in linguistics (University of Silesia in Katowice). In 2013, she earned a certificate as a teacher of Polish as a foreign language. She speaks English and Portuguese.


We met the second Ania nearly one year ago. She teaches both Polish and Greek. She is very dedicated to all of her endeavours and her classes are multi-dimensional and extraordinarily interesting, specifically in terms of culture. She loves music and often includes it as a learning component in her teaching. She appreciates the cooperation with LinguaCity mostly because “the school fosters an environment where one can pursue one’s passion – both to acquire knowledge and to share it.”


Ania is a graduate of the University of Wrocław’s Interdepartmental Individual Studies in the Humanities, where she focused on Cultural Studies and acquired the necessary qualifications to teach Polish as a foreign language. After graduation, she attended courses for teachers of Greek provided by the Athens-based Hellenic Cultural Centre (Κέντρο Ελληνικού Πολιτισμού). She speaks Greek, English, and German.



This year two more teachers, Wanda and Ada, joined our team. Wanda is hard to describe in only a few words: she radiates energy, has a lot of passions, and enjoys travelling, exercise, music, and foreign cultures. She is fully dedicated to everything she does, which is evident during each class she teaches! Ada, apart from being a teacher, is an editor and a proofreader. Polish is her true passion. In her leisure time, she reads, watches movies, and hikes in the mountains. The greatest advantage of working at LinguaCity for her is the possibility to reconcile her passions with professional duties, as well as the opportunity to help others get to know Polish.


Wanda is a graduate in English and Russian philology and a graduate from the Postgraduate Qualification Studies for the Teachers of Polish Culture and Polish as a Foreign Language. She teaches Polish abroad, in Russia, among others. She speaks English and Russian.



Ada is master in Polish philology (University of Silesia in Katowice) with a specialisation in editing, public discourse, Polish language, and world literatures. She graduated from the Postgraduate Qualification Studies for the Teachers of Polish Culture and Polish as a Foreign Language. She speaks English and is learning French and Russian.




They state that having a high-quality teacher is half way to achieving success at a language course...

We are certain that we have the best ones!

Our teachers are professional and possess an open attitude and positive energy.

Sign up for one of the courses they teach – we are sure you will appreciate it!


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