Interpretation and assistance of an interpreter


Interpretation and assistance of an interpreter

The LinguaCity translation agency also offers interpretation services and the assistance of an interpreter, e.g. during an appointment at an office, a business trip abroad, or at a business meeting of your company. To order an interpretation service, please contact us.

We will ask you to provide the following:

  • What kind of interpreter do you require (language, type of translation – regular/certified)?
  • What is the subject of interpretation (e.g. signing a notarial deed, appointment at an office, conference)?
  • What is the date, time, and location of the event?
  • What is the (estimated) duration of the event?


When you provide us with these details, we will send you a free quote.

Note that it is best to order an interpretation service in advance so that we will be able to prepare the best offer for you.