VIP courses


VIP Courses

VIP courses of Polish for foreigners are dedicated courses for businesses: they combine the advantages of different forms of learning. The courses are intended in particular for those with a busy schedule, or those who travel a lot but still would like to take advantage of unconventional, but effective, language classes.

A VIP course consists of three modules provided on a weekly basis. These are:

  • face-to-face classes,
  • online classes (via our online platform or Skype),
  • phone conversations.

Times and dates of all meetings are agreed on an individual basis, depending on the availability and preferences of the student. On request, we can adjust the ratios between the respective classes (e.g. more online classes, less face-to-face time). The face-to-face classes can be provided at a place convenient for the student, not necessarily at the school or in an office, but also in a café or park.

The advantages of the VIP course include unconventional learning form, maximum flexibility of the teacher, and the opportunity to practice language in daily professional situations.