Why learn Polish?



Since you are visiting this site, you probably already have a reason to be interested in learning Polish. Maybe you are Polish, but you happen to know a foreigner who wishes to speak Polish. Maybe you met your significant other abroad, you live together in Poland, and now you wish to help him/her to become familiar with the new environment. Maybe you are a foreigner yourself – studying, living, or working in Poland – and knowledge of Polish will surely make your daily life easier.

The reasons are many.

There is one solution: choose the right course and start speaking Polish!

If you are wondering whether the knowledge of English is sufficient for your needs, and whether it is worth investing in learning Polish for foreigners, see the following ten reasons that may dispel your doubts:

  1. In many places you will be able to communicate in English. Indeed, but not everywhere, regrettably – speaking Polish at a communicative level will definitely make it easy for you to communicate on a daily basis and in emergencies.
  2. With some fluency in Polish, you will feel more self-assured and more secure – you will be certain that no unexpected occurrence will prevent you from communicating effectively in daily situations – at a grocery store, on the street, etc., and you will always be able to find the way to a cinema or supermarket, or cope with many other daily challenges.
  3. Even though moving to a foreign country is an adventure, for many it is stressful. The stress is caused not only by the communication barrier, but also by being alone and lost in the new world. If you feel alienated in Poland, a course of Polish for foreigners may be the solution: we will make sure that simultaneously with learning the language you will get to know Polish culture, customs, traditions, lifestyles, and what we like to do in our leisure time! For example, at LinguaCity we organise Christmas Eve, at which you will have an opportunity to taste some traditional Polish Christmas dishes. There is much more: by choosing our course of Polish for foreigners you will have the opportunity to participate in various events (e.g. relating to Polish cuisine, film, or literature), or in weekend trips that we organise for our foreign learners!
  4. Knowledge of Polish will definitely make it easier for you to find a job in Poland. If you are staying for longer, this is an excellent reason for taking a course of Polish for foreigners.
  5. Speaking Polish, you will make new friends! Polish people are really pleased when they find out that a foreigner is learning Polish and tries to communicate in this language. Fear not, even if you don't feel that confident after a few weeks of learning, you will surely communicate well, and your discussion partners will find your attempts to speak their native language to be extremely endearing! If you find yourself at a loss for words or unable to finish a sentence, don't worry – we realise that Polish can be difficult, especially at the beginning of learning. This is why apart from fondness you will also get respect as a learner of Polish.
  6. As a participant in course of Polish for foreigners you will meet people who, just like you, want to learn Polish. This could be the starting point of some great acquaintances. When you find yourself among people who, just like you, are only starting to become familiar with Poland, it will suddenly get easier. You will be able to share your experiences, and support each other in this new environment!
  7. At the Polish classes you will have a unique opportunity to ask, ask, and ask again – about anything you find interesting in Poland, about anything you don’t understand, about communication in ordinary and extraordinary situations, or about the nuances and intricacies of the language. You are guaranteed to have your questions answered by an expert – a teacher with a philological background and with vast experience in teaching!
  8. As a participant in a course of Polish for foreigners, you will get something extra from us: first-hand news about ongoing events, also those attended by foreigners, cinema shows for foreigners, and many other kinds of entertainment! You will have an opportunity to have a coffee with us, and check your skills in a different environment. This will make you adapt faster to living in a new place.
  9. Learning a new language is a challenge for the brain, which develops and improves your intellectual capacities. Even though Polish is not the easiest language, it is really interesting. Exercise your brain – not only to enjoy the real benefits, but also to get to feel enormous satisfaction!
  10. Learning a foreign language broadens your perspective: it is generally known that the language we speak reflects the world we see, and it is also by language that we get to know someone else's world. Let us invite you to our world – and the best way there is, by learning Polish!